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CCMS Cross Country 2013

Here is a photo of the CCMS Cross Country Team for 2013!


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Cesar E. Chavez Middle School

Pájaro Valley Unified School District

440 Arthur Road

Watsonville, California 95076

(831) 761-7699


Sept. 1 – 5, 2014


  1. Word of the Month: Students this month, we are going to study the word optimism. Optimism is defined as “hopefulness and confidence about the future; it is a character trait in which a person expects the best in the future and then works diligently to achieve that future.”
  • The optimistic person believes that work, that effort shapes their destiny.
  • The optimistic student understands that when they receive a poor grade for an assignment, it was because their effort was lacking;
  • The optimistic student believes that if they work hard and give their best effort in school, they will do well.


Calendar/Schedule for the week of Sept. 1 - Sept. 5:


Monday, Sept. 1 :                    Labor Day Holiday – No School Today


Tuesday, Sept 2:                     Periods 1-6                               


Wednesday, Sept. 3:               Periods 1-6 Classes dismissed at 12:32

                                                Professional Development at 1:15 at CCMS

                                                Leadership Meeting from 3:00 – 4:00 PM in the library


Thursday, Sept. 4:                  Periods 1, 3, and 5


Friday, Sept 5:                        Periods 2, 4, and 6      




  1. Students, do not forget to have your parents fill out the first week packet and turn all the required paperwork back to your advisory teacher as soon as possible.
  2. ASP has started and will run Monday-Friday 2:32-3:45 Wednesday 12:30-2:30pm. Students can come pick up applications in the ASP Office.
  3. Students, please remember that if you bring a skateboard to school, you must wear a helmet in order to ride the skateboard on school property. The designated area for riding skateboards is on the basketball courts.
  4. Students, it is important to follow the school dress code. Following the school dress code allows you and your fellow students to concentrate on academic issues and prevents possible distractions in class
  5. Students, it is very important that you attend school every day. When you attend school every day, you know about the homework, you are caught up with classwork, and this allows you not to worry about missing work. Remember, if you are absent, to have your parents call the school at 761-7699 to inform the attendance office you will be absent. If you have a doctor or dentist appointment, please ask for a note and turn that note in to the main office to excuse your absence. Students who are absent unexcused more than two days will receive a letter home from the school district.
  6. Students, Mr. Rooney and Coach Castillo are accepting nominations for Student Council Officers. Please pick up a form from Mr. Rooney if you are interested. All students can run for an office as long as they qualify. There is a GPA requirement for 7th and 8th grade students. Good luck to everyone! The deadline for turning in your nomination form is Thursday, Sept. 4.
  7. All 7th grade students need to make sure that they have brought their Tdap Vaccine Form to the main office, or they need to make an appointment to get the vaccine. 7th Grade students should know if they have the vaccine. If you are a 7th grade student and are not sure, check with the nurse’s office or speak with your parents.
  8. There will be a Washington DC Club meeting at lunch, starting promptly at 12:20 (so get your lunch first), in room 1 on Thursday, Sept. 4th for interested 8th graders.


Here is a picture from our assembly to honor those students who have shown "Grit" during the month of February. Congratulations to these "Gritty" students!




Character Day - Grit

Character Day - Grit

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Banwell, Jesse
Benavidez, Benjamin
Bishop, Thaddius
PE Teacher
Bousquet, Mary
Bruno, Jennifer
After School Coordinator
Campero, Frances
Carver, Alyssa
Castillo, Jessica
Athletic Director / PE Teacher
Church, Kathy
PE Teacher
Farnham, Jennifer
Flores, Alma
Flores, Angelica
Sys Admin
Guerrero, Anne
7th grade language arts & social studies teacher
Hennager, Alexandra
Hiltz, Elizabeth
Holland, Heidi
Jacquard, Carl
Lomeli, Graciela
Library Media Technician
Madden, Jill
Manriquez, Karen
English Learner Specialist
Martin, Eladio
7th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies Teacher; Technology Liaison
Navarro, Tony
Palmer, Shauntel
Peterson, Nancy
Prusinowski, William
Ricci, Michael
Roberts, Meghan
Rooney, Jason
Assistant Principal
Sotarello, Patricia
Sugerik, Jordan